Do you want to create a complete suncare line?


Do you want to create a complete suncare line?
We have a wide range of packaging to choose from.

You can rely on Induplast Packaging Group: we are able to offer a line of packaging that perfectly suits your products and their formulas.

We offer a vast number of options.
We have more traditional lines of bottles and also more refined and original designs.
And don't forget that all our products are customisable in decoration and colour.


COEX tubes are the perfect solution for dense sunscreens. Their 5 layers are made of different materials.
Each layer provides protection and guarantees the perfect storage of your products.
You can find COEX in different capacities, from 6 ml to 300 ml. Discover them all here.



If you have products that need to be applied on a specific part of the body, such as lips, tattoos or other delicate areas, take a look at our lipsticks and sticks.
Do you need a container for your skin care cosmetic lotions and serums? Our roll-ons are exactly what you’re looking for.
They ensure a precise application and dosage.



Thanks to the Airless technology, your product is exposed to a lower risk of external contamination. So, you will keep your product’s active ingredients safe. Meanwhile, you’ll be using less preservatives.
The dispensers of our airless are so precise that you can reduce any waste of product.
Our new lines, Libra and Lira, offer different capacities, from 15 ml to 200 ml, even in a refillable version.

Are you thinking about starting a new suncare line?

We will help you find the ideal packaging solution according to your specific needs, contact us.

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