Creating the future of packaging

Enhancing the legacy of four international excellences between 2018 and 2022 Europe Capital Partners VI creates INDUPLAST PACKAGING GROUP, one of the key players in the Italian cosmetics packaging industry, bringing to life a new strategic path.
In October2021, two leading Italian private equity funds, Armònia and Azimut Libera Impresa, invest in the Group with the goal to support it in its growth towards a national and international level, also through the aggregation of further outstanding companies, giving renewed strength to the strategy already undertaken. 


Every INDUPLAST PACKAGING GROUP company is built on passion, innovation and technology.
From the synergic combination of these
well-established Italian companies, we have built a highly innovative group to serve the packaging needs for cosmetics and food industries.


We help to develop each group company according to its specific profile and individuality, through a global strategy, market analysis and research, to encourage the growth of each business helping to consolidate the Induplast Packaging Group and its role as a landmark for the Italian cosmetic packaging market.


We develop innovative products and packaging solutions to respond promptly to market demands.
We anticipate and offer solutions that respond to the trends of a constantly-evolving industry, and are always researching efficient, environmentally sustainable solutions.

Combining values with excellence

INDUPLAST PACKAGING GROUP companies are characterized by their advanced technology, innovation, ability to adapt to changing market conditions, and high quality standards. Together, they have helped to create a diversified, complementary group within the packaging industry; a leader in cosmetics that is now entering the food packaging industry with unique, innovative ideas.
The INDUPLAST PACKAGING GROUP is the only player able to offer fully-customised packaging solutions.

JUNE 2018

Founded in 1958, it is the leading manufacturer of sticks containers, roll-ons and lip balms.


JULY 2019

The Parma-based company became known for its PET bottles and jars that posses a contemporary and elegant design.


DECEMBer 2019

It produces bottles, jars and vials for the cosmetic and food industry. Sophisticated decorations and in-house mould production.


March 2022

Specialized in the manufacture of flexible tubes for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, automotive and DIY sectors.


A reliable, complete partner

Three production sites, a catalogue of over 3,000 articles, 2 decoration departments and 80 production lines.
The INDUPLAST PACKAGING GROUP offers packaging solutions for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry, catering to the different needs of the mass market, luxury and masstige Brands.


Our internal plastic moulds workshop can design and manufacture custom moulds for customers who want fully-customised packaging solutions.


Injection moulding, blow moulding and stretch blow moulding are the technologies we use to make our vast product portfolio, which includes stick containers, make-up containers, bottles, jars and packaging for food products and accessories.


Our wide range of decorative technologies allows you to create fully customized packaging.
The techniques we offer include screen printing, hot stamping, offset labelling and sleeve printing.


Bottles, jars, stick containers, lip balms, make-up containers, airless, foamers as well as rigid tubes, small dispensers and accessories.
With more than 3,000 articles to choose from in our catalogue, we can create premium-quality packaging solutions for every need.


As manufacturers of plastic packaging, we know how important it is to create and produce eco-friendly packaging, to protect our ecosystems and promote more sustainable forms of consumption. We constantly research green solutions, such as packaging made from post-consumer recycled materials (PCR, rPET and rPE) or renewable plastics such as Green PE, which are derived from sugar cane processing and are also suitable for food use.