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Looking for a sustainable packaging solution?
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InduPlast, Verve and Vexel all offer packaging solutions that meet the required qualifications to be sustainable for the environment.

To reach the development of true green packaging, there must be a change that involves suppliers, producers, brands and consumers.

Our purpose is to create high quality mono-material packaging and Post-Consumer Recycled(PCR) plastic containers that can be reused in other forms. 
Giving asecond (or even a third) life to plastic is the way to go to trigger a virtuous circle in the packaging economy, thus able to have a positive impact on the environment.


What do we offer?

-      Products made with PCR (post consumer recycled plastic polymers), in R-PP, R-PET and R-PE. Jars, bottles, and many other plastic solutions manufactured with a sustainable raw material which results from regenerated plastics. Helping to reduce plastic’s carbon footprint and the creation of new plastics.

-      Mono-material products: for example, InduPlast produces stick containers manufactured only in polypropylene (PP), making all of its components out of 100% recyclable material.

-      Green PE: the substantial difference compared to virgin PE is that the ethanol used to produce Green PE does not derive from oil but from sugar cane. Green PE is a bioplastic produced from renewable sources, it is recyclable and during the production process, captures CO2 from the atmosphere rather than emitting it. Green PE maintains identical properties, performances and versatility of virgin PE. Green PE can be used to manufacture jars and bottles.

Recycled plastic is better.

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