Induplast Packaging Group partner of CosmoFactory 2023

“We are extremely proud that Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna picked us as partners for Cosmofactory- Enconding Beauty project.
We are involved in such a synergic experience not only as packaging manufacturers, but rather as an essential part of the cosmetic production chain.
Libra is our new refillable airless that enriches the huge range of our cosmetic containers, being a packaging solution that combines airless’ features with the sustainability required by brands, manufacturers and final consumers -commented Rosalba Rotella, Sales Director of Induplast Packaging Group.


From 16th to18th March 2023, the Cosmofactory – Encoding Beauty area (Hall 20) aims at stimulating debate among operators on the need to introduce track&trace technologies.
The subject of Encoding Beauty's storytelling will be the exclusive Regenerative - Aloe Face Cream, a moisturizing cream that contains the miraculous properties of Aloe Vera of Salento, the result of research by N&B - Natural Is Better. The packaging chosen is Libra, Airless refillable, an exclusive innovation by Induplast Packaging Group, which is 100% sustainable and refillable. Documenting the innovation behind the product is the digital product identity developed by Antares Vision Group.

Libra refillable airless represents the most recent novelty of the Group, recalling the balance of a packaging where the consumer experience is balanced with the needs of producers, brands, and fillers, creating a unique harmony between design, innovation, and ease of use.

Libra is capable of stimulating the marketing departments of leading international brands and operators in the cosmetics sector, always searching for new solutions.

With three different diameters and capacities, Libra and Lira, our new refillable airless, adaptable to every need, will be in the spotlight of Cosmoprof 2023.

But that's not all! Sustainability and innovation are the main features of our new lipstick line, Flute Click, a 100% recyclable single-material stick entirely produced in PP.

We can’t wait to see you from the 16th to the 18th of March at Bologna Fiere, Hall 20, Stand C39/D42.



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