Mini size, maximum versatility.


They are practical, light, comfortable and, last but not least, esthetically pleasing.
For this reason, minisizes are increasingly used for cosmetics lines and for products dedicated to personal hygiene as well as for classic travel size kits and courtesy sets.

Beyond the advantage of being particularly practical to always carry with you, they offer consumers the opportunity to try products, for multiple applications, and purchase the full size format with greater awareness.
Minisizes are also a representative of elegance, in a miniature format.

Totally customized minisizes

In our catalogue you can find bottles, jars, airless dispensers, make-up containers, sticks, roll-ons e lip balm containers, available in many sizes.

You can customize them by choosing from an infinite color palette and decorative techniques such as screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping.

Minisizes are perfect for limited edition cosmetic lines, testers and hotel and spa toiletries.

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