Pillboxes for supplements and nutraceuticals: an ever-expanding market


The food supplements sector is experiencing a considerable expansion, both globally and in Italy.

In 2021, the value of the market worldwide reached 150 billion euros. In the last three years, it has registered a steady annual increase of 4.7%.
This positive trend was mainly driven by product innovation, which was the key strategy adopted by the main players in the sector.
In particular, in Italy, the sector showed an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 9.5% over the last 10 years. This rate is significantly higher than the international performance.

Induplast Packaging Group is committed to supporting food supplement and nutraceutical companies by offering cutting-edge packaging solutions.
Our range of PE and PET pillboxes is designed to meet the needs of this growing market, ensuring sustainable and high-quality plastic packaging.

Apoteca, Tab and Vita are the three lines of containers made by Induplast Packaging Group. They are not only suitable for contact with food, but also fully customisable.
The pillboxes can be combined with childproof safety capsules, tinplate capsules, aluminium and PP screw caps, and fliptop caps.

Do you need more reasons to choose them? Well, we have others:

1. Protection and safety: food and nutraceutical supplements oftencontain perishable ingredients that require protection against moisture, light,and oxygen. PE and PET pillboxes offer an effective barrier, ensuring the stability of the content over time.

2. Attractive design: in the competitive supplement market, appearance plays a critical role in attracting customers. The PET and PE pillboxes can be totally customised in colours and decorations, to capture the attention of your customers and communicate the value of the product.

3. Sustainability: costumers are increasingly aware of the environment, and the choice of PE and PET packaging can help improve the overall sustainability of the product as they are totally recyclable materials. Induplast Packaging Group is committed to provide sustainable packaging solutions, thus we will help you to meet the needs of the market.

Do you have a project in mind?

We will help you create your own personalised pillboxes, contact us!



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