Refillable airless: Libra and Lira


Our new airless, Libra and Lira, are the result of the synergy between technology, R&D, quality and innovation.
Easy to use, they safeguard the product’s quality, while also guaranteeing the element of the utmost importance: the sustainability of refillable packaging.

Thanks to the Airless technology your product is exposed to a lower risk of external contamination (air, bacteria, human contact).
This risk reduction not only allows you to reduce the use of preservatives in your products but also guarantees better protection of your formulas’ active ingredients. In addition, it reduces product waste and ensures a precise product dosage.
The combination of these elements is the perfect recipe for such a versatile and safe packaging, able to satisfy our clients’ needs and brand’s goals.

Libra and Lira’s refillable versions respond to the sustainability rule of the 3 Rs, which is Recycle, waste Reduction, and Reuse. To this set of rules, we add another significant one: Refill.


Nine capacities and three different diameters: available both in standard and refillable version

The wide range of sizes we offer ensures the great versatility of our product for every market segment: skin care, hair care and body care.

Our airless are both in PP and PE.

With a minimum order quantity of 10,000 pieces, you can customize the color of the refill bottle

The dispenser is available on stock in white, black and clear color.


Do you want to know more about our refillable packaging Libra and Lira? Discover our new lines here and contact us for further informations.

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