Refillable packaging solutions? Yes we can!


Practical, versatile and sustainable!

These are the adjectives that best describe the new recyclable and refillable cosmetic packaging of InduPlast Packaging Group.

You can now find in our catalogue refillable PET and R-PET jars and refillable stick containers.

Vanille, V60, Spritz and Spices can now turn into recyclable and reusable jars!

How? Thanks to the new 50 ml refill insert in PET and R-PET. You will just have to replace the internal refill.

Also the 50cc Majestick stick, one Induplast’ s most iconic products is now available in the refillable version in monomaterial PP and PCR, as well as its refill.
Majestick Refillable is an excellent packaging solution for skin care and body care products as well as for traditional deodorants.

Refillable and recyclable packaging is a valid solution to protect the environment and encourage an increasingly sustainable consumption model.

Do you have a project in mind? Contact us!

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