The performance of airless meets the lightness of tubes: discover the new Tubairless ® packaging


In the ever-changing world of cosmetic packaging, the need for innovation and sustainability is stronger than ever. Induplast Packaging Group presents Tubairless®, a revolutionary solution that combines the simplicity of a tube with the advanced performance of airless packaging, ideal for rich, dense and delicate creams.

Let's find out together how Tubairless® can transform the way we package and use cosmetic products.



TUBAIRLESS® is a new packaging that offers a unique consumer experience for the brands and for the consumers.

This packaging combining the simplicity of a tube and the performance of airless packaging thanks a plastic pouch inside the tube.

When applying pressure to the tube, the pouch performs as a one-way piston, pushing cream from the tube. Unlike conventional tubes, the innovative system ensures that outside air is not drawn back into the tube. This system protects sensitive formulas.


3 key reasons for choosing TUBAIRLESS®


1. Airless tube without a pump

TUBAIRLESS® integrates a new dispensing technology that consists of a soft plastic pouch sealed within a tube. When applying pressure to the tube, the pouch performs as a one-way piston, pushing cream from the tube . This is especially useful for very viscous or granular formulas. Tubairless® is up to three times lighter than traditional airless pump packs.

2. No waste!

Tubairless® can deliver 95% of your product, eliminating waste common inconventional tubing . You no longer need to press hard or cut the tube to get the last dose of cream. This system ensures easy evacuation of at least 20% more cream than conventional tubes deliver.

3. Eco-friendly

The system drastically reduces the use of plastic, by offering an airless function, without the conventional attached pump. TUBAIRLESS® is fully compliant with ECOCERT and COSMOS standards. The materials used are entirely recyclable, making this product an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. It is rated "A" by RecyClass.


What are the benefits for the brand?

·     Easy and complete product delivery: effortless evacuation rate of 95%

·     Convenient and practicalalso in transport, without risk of leakage

·     Instant dose always available.

·      Excellent product protection and reducedcontamination

·      Shape manteinance and ergonomics:the body does not collapse and does not shrink.

·     Essential and light weight design

·     Easy evacuation ofdifferent viscosity levels’ formulas, (from normal to thick).

·     Packaging 100 % recyclable

·     Lessplastic (25 % to 50 % less) than conventional airless tubes, as does notrequire pump

·     Compliant with the COSMOSstandard

·     Tubairless® is filled through the neck like a traditional bottle


Formats, materials andsizes


The tubes are available in 35 mm and 40 mm diameter and develop capacities of 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150 ml.

You can choose between a flip-top cap and a twist-open cap closures.

The tube can be made of MDPE, Green PE and PCR while the inner bag can be made of PE, COEX PE and EVOH.

Tubairless® can be customized in colors, finishes (shiny and matte) and decorations like traditional tubes.


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