Specialising in the production of stick containers, roll-ons, lip balms, rigid tubes and make-up containers, Induplast offers innovative packaging solutions for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical (OTC) industry.

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Innovative, sophisticated, contemporary designs have always been a feature of our PET bottles and jars for the hair care, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical (OTC) industry.

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Verve not only produces bottles, jars and vials for the cosmetic and food industry; it also has a large decoration department and its own moulds production workshop.

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2-in-1 roll-on and massaging tool


Thanks to the 1,33-inch ball and the locking mechanism that blocks formula dispensing, the new Roll-on Twist Open top can also be used as a massaging tool, making it ideal for products that need to be worked into the skin such as massage oils, stress-relieving gels andanti-cellulite fluid formulas.

But there's more.
Discover all the features that make Roll-on Twist Open top a practical, innovative and green product.

The ball acts as both an applicator and a massaging tool.
You can apply the product, rotate the body of the Roll-on to block product delivery and use the ball to massage the product into the skin, enhancing its effectiveness.

Once the content of the bottle is finished, you can unscrew the roll-on top and use it on a refill, thereby reducing the introduction of new plastic into the environment.

Thanks to the standard 24/410 neck, the roll-on can be combined with many bottles from our ranges.

Safe and precise dosage
By turning the ball holder, you can stop the dispensing of formula and apply the right amount of product, without waste or spillage.

You can combine it with 100% recyclable PET and HDPE bottles, or you can choose the R-PET and R-PE variants made    from post-consumer recycled materials.
In addition, the roll-on can be fitted with a refill or reused for other products, facilitating reuse and extending the lifecycle of plastic.
Wouldn’t you want Roll-on Twist Open for your project? Contact us.

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Airless dispensers: practical and hygienic

Touchless technologies have opened the doors to a new era of cosmetic packaging, which focuses on protecting the formula at all costs from exterior agents.

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Induplast acquires Vexel

Induplast SpA has acquired Vexel Srl, active in the manufacturing and distribution of bottles, jars for cream and airless containers.

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