Airless dispensers: practical and hygienic


In recent years - and even more so during this Covid19 pandemic - touchless technologies and airless packaging have opened the doors to a new era of cosmetic packaging, which focuses on protecting the formula at all costs from exterior agents.

Airless dispensers are the perfect solution for your special projects; they preserve the product from external contamination and protect it from oxidation, helping maintain the effectiveness of the active ingredients in the formula for longer period of time.

In addition, the airless dispenser technology facilitates and increases product delivery and allows you to use it up until the last drop, with minimal waste.

Widely used for creams and fluids in sizes ranging from 15 to 50 ml, they can also represent the perfect packaging solution for hydrating body lotions and hand sanitising formulas, thanks to available larger formats that can even reach 200 ml.

We have the perfect airless packaging for your project!
Contact us and discover the full range of airless dispensers that Vexel and Verve can offer ↩️

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